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Parallel Printing

New online groups starting in 2021


Courses for Europe / North America time zones


 - 28th June - fully booked

 - 9th August - places available

Courses for Australia / North America time zones

- October/November - exact dates to be confirmed

About Parallel Printing

An opportunity to print in parallel with Deb and a small group of printers.


Over three weeks: 

  • find out about the principles of composition 

  • learn how to use art apps to plan your print 

  • access videos of Deb working on each stage of the printing process in a closed Facebook group

  • post updates of your own work

  • enjoy the support and encouragement of sharing with our group of printers over 9 Zoom sessions.

Price: £80

Click here to see an example of a Parallel Printing programme with Deb.

Feedback from previous Parallel Printers.

May 2021

Thank you very much for making this opportunity possible and for your generosity with your time and knowledge. It has been really excellent.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed course which I would highly recommend to others.

It was fun. I really noticed I was looking forward to our sessions and I think you do a wonderful job hosting them.

I was thrilled with the course from start to end.

I have gained so much more than I expected to when I signed up.

I was a little anxious about doing Parallel Printing but I needn't have worried! I've thoroughly enjoyed working with others to develop my own printing skills.

I am actually creating a print that I wouldn't have been able to pull off without all the guidance and encouragement to go for experimenting over perfection. I have adopted so many new techniques along the way.

All those little hints and tips you don't get to read in text books were invaluable.

I consider Parallel Printing great value for money.

I really can't put into words exactly how much I've learned from and enjoyed your course. It's really given me the confidence to continue my printmaking journey.

I hope to join you again in future on another Parallel Printing course.

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Cowal Open Studios

24 - 27. September 2021

Visit Deb in her studio, find out about the processes she uses in her printing and try inking and pressing your own print!

For more information visit